STAR WARS EPISODE VII Could Also Have A Shitty Title

Brace yourselves, the title rumors are coming. 

STAR WARS EPISODE VII Could Also Have A Shitty Title

What will be the title of Star Wars: Episode VII? Now that we know the cast this is the next bit of speculation that everyone will be engaged in, although rumors indicate the official title announcement will come at Comic Con this year. But that won't stop the floods of scoops and rumors from hitting us. 

First up is Ain't It Cool News, who broke a ton of news about the Prequels back in the day. They say the working title is:

Star Wars: The Ancient Fear.

Well, it certainly sucks, making it fall in line with most Star Wars titles. And it's a cutesy, stupid play on A New Hope, making it fall in line with JJ Abrams' body of work. And it seems to specifically relate to the geriatric cast of this thing (rimshot!). 

What do you think? The Ancient Fear? Are you ready to having raging message board arguments about the merits of ANH vs ESB vs TPM vs TAF?

Source: Aint It Cool
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