Your First Look At GOTHAM

Which has now been picked up to series.

The amount of attention that Fox's Gotham pilot was getting throughout the casting process made a series pick-up obvious, but it became official today. The network has committed to at least 13 episodes of the Batman prequel. And they also released a quick teaser that indicates Gotham looks EXACTLY like what you would think a TV prequel to Batman would look like. It's about the single least surprising thing I have seen in a long time. 

For me the show is going to come down to the writing. Will the scripts be good? Or is it going to be an unending series of grim and gritty wheelspinning bits peppered with boring, portentuous references to future events and character developments while being fundamentally embarrassed of the source material? I'll watch the first few episodes with an open mind, even if this teaser gives me no particularly hopeful feelings. 

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