An Artist Examines The Violence Of Movie Posters

Are movie posters pointing too many guns at us?

An Artist Examines The Violence Of Movie Posters

At first I thought the image above was funny, and then I realized that Jon Burgerman (best name ever?) was serious. It's part of a series of Photoshopped pictures constituting an 'intervention' highlighting the violent imagery in movie and TV advertising in public spaces.

Here's another:

Like I said, I thought it was funny. I kind of still do. I find moral handwringing over depictions of things to be the sort of distraction from the real problems - ie, pictures of guns aren't the problem, guns are the problem - that allow us to actually ignore real problems. As provocative as it is to see Burgerman shot by Katniss Everdeen, I don't really know what larger point is actually being made... except maybe that subway ads are worryingly similar. 

See the entire Head Shots series at Burgerman's site.

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