Pixar And STAR WARS May Make A Movie Baby Together

Get ready for STAR WARS: NORTH WEST.

Pixar And STAR WARS May Make A Movie Baby Together

Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars are all in the same bed. Everyone's pretty hot. You can only take that sort of thing so long before someone starts getting randy.

According to Latino Review, Pixar is going to make a Star Wars film. That's really all the info, and it hasn't been confirmed. Which means it's open season on speculation!

Do you still love Pixar and hold its output as elevated? Do you still like Star Wars? It's a funny situation because the corporate synergy involved seems like a blight against Pixar's brand. But they kind of already got that started themselves. Furthermore, the chances are great that even a mediocre Pixar Star Wars film will be more enjoyable and fun than the upcoming JJ Abrams entry. But it also keeps them from making another possibly great original film. This is some complicated lose-lose/win-win stuff here.

What amazes me most is that I never saw this coming. You probably did. I'm not all that smart, though. I thought the big, inevitable Star Wars animated movie would totally be a Ralph Bakshi joint. I was sure of it.

Anyway, it should be reiterated that this is not an announced deal, just a very believable rumor from a pretty reliable scoop outlet. So don't get any unfortunate tattoos just yet.

Source: Latino Review
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