The TERMINATOR Franchise Is About To Get Code Red Confusing

Get your optimism cap on.

The TERMINATOR Franchise Is About To Get Code Red Confusing

So it looks like there's going to be a big television series to help along 2015's Terminator reboot. Zack Stentz and Ashley Miller (names you might recognize from The Sarah Connor Chronicles) have been hired to write and executive produce the show. Megan and David Ellison will produce the series as well.

Deep breath. I guess it goes like this: The new show will launch from some "critical moment" from the original Terminator, but going in a completely different direction. Like, say, Mr. Terminator totally kills Sarah Connor, for instance. If I understand correctly, this alteration, whether narratively justified somehow or explained only with a "wouldn't it be cool if…", will define the reboot Terminator universe we're about to drown in.

I'm actually all for it, if done well. This is not a story I feel like protecting with tons of nerd fervor, anyway. And if it's cool, it's going to be really, really cool. The show will supposedly be designed to really intersect with the movie, unlike Agents of SHIELD, which looks like a bunch of Marvel fans at a Christian modeling school making fan fiction a million miles away from Marvel's knowledge.

This sort of movie/television synergy was inevitable. And unlike Ron Howard's big Dark Tower plans, this Terminator thing seems incredibly likely to happen. Soon everyone will be doing it. I sincerely look forward to the two or three that knock it out of the park.

Source: Variety
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