Captain Trips Claims Another: THE STAND Loses Director

Scott Cooper falls off the ambitious Stephen King adaptation. 

Captain Trips Claims Another: THE STAND Loses Director

And so another one bites the dust on the adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand: director Scott Cooper has left the project. He follows David Yates and Ben Affleck in the list of directors who couldn't cure that superflu. 

Cooper, whose Out of the Furnace is opening soon (and stars Ben Affleck's bro Casey), may have fallen off for reasons that will make fans upset: he wanted it to be R and Warner Bros is angling for a PG-13. According to the Hollywood Reporter there's also some behind the scenes tension about just how many movies you need to tell this story; since Cooper was also writing the script I can see how this could be a huge fucking problem in moving forward.

A PG-13 The Stand? Yikes. I mean, it's been done before, in the TV miniseries, but I think we all feel that was lacking. And I truly feel like the scope of the story demands room to breathe - this is a duology onscreen. If these truly are the reasons Cooper left the movie we should be generally concerned about it.

What's next? It seems like Warner Bros really wants this movie made... they just have no idea how to get it done. 

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