Jason Statham’s Thinking About Being Funny Again

The bald-ish Brit might end up in the next Paul Feig film.

Jason Statham’s Thinking About Being Funny Again

This news is from yesterday afternoon, and somehow I missed it. When you have me crucified, know that I was secretly the one who put the empty milk carton back in the fridge. Every time.

But still, the story may be cold, but I can't let it go by without comment. According to Deadline, Paul Feig's new Melissa McCarthy joint, Susan Cooper, might get some of its badassery bonafides from none other than Jason Statham.

The film's premise is all about McCarthy as a secret agent, and Statham would play a fellow secret agent. This means that he'll probably do his same thing in this film that he does in most of his other films, but this time it will be funny because he'll do it while a raunchy woman calls him a dickbag and threatens to rape his ear with her vagina.

While not as all-out good as Feig's Bridesmaids, The Heat was still a surprisingly vital 2013 comedy, and certainly a fun break from this Summer's normal preoccupation with blowing everything up all the time. I was already excited to see Susan Cooper, but with Statham it wouldn't even be a choice.

It should be noted that as of yesterday, this is not yet a done deal, and may never become one. But hopefully it happens. If it does, I'll make sure to let you know 24 hours after anyone cares.

Source: Deadline
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