What The Fuck Is TUSK?

Fleetwood Mac fans, prepare to be disappointed.

What The Fuck Is TUSK?

That Kevin Smith. Recently, a lot of noise has erupted over some project he's doing called Tusk. At first, it seemed like a joke. Then there was a whole thing where Kevin Smith offered Quentin Tarantino a role in the film, and it seemed like maybe it could be a real thing (Tarantino declined). Now, it's suddenly a project with funding that begins filming November 4.

So what is it? To answer that question, I present a press release excerpt:

Tusk, which commences principal photography in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Nov. 4, will star Justin Long (Live Free or Die Hard, A Case of You) and cult favorite Michael Parks (Red State, Django Unchained). Smith will direct his own script, which evolved from Episode 259 of his long-running podcast with Scott Mosier, the award-winning SModcast. Tusk’s horror story follows a podcaster who sets out to interview an eccentric, reclusive old seafarer, only to find himself a plaything in the gruesome plot of a deranged killer.

So it's another Kevin Smith horror film starring Michael Parks. Yay! I loved the last one. Apparently it rubs up against Kraken related stuff. Who knows. It's also supposed to be about a guy who dresses up in a walrus costume. Tarantino was to play a French Canadian investigator.

It feels like I slept for a whole year and Clerks 3 (now to be released as a Spanish-only graphic novel detailing the fictional making of a fictional Clerks 3) already happened. From what I can gather of Kevin Smith's THR blogposts, Tusk was something that went from Smodcast joke to real movie too fast for common sense's normally spry fingers.

As always, let's allow a paragraph for optimism. This is where that would normally go.

Source: /Film
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