MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Gets A Writer, Loses Director

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MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Gets A Writer, Loses Director

They've been trying to make a new Masters of the Universe movie for so long now that it no longer feels like a threat. For a while it was going to be called Greyskull and many laughs were had. Now it's going back to Masters of the Universe, and we are all reminded of our lifelong quest to discover why they ever called the show that in the first place.

The film's development got a little action today as it was announced that The Lone Ranger co-writer Terry Rossio will work on the script. With this news comes counter news. Jon M. Chu, director of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, is no longer attached to direct the project.

For those who don't know, Masters of the Universe was a cartoon about a gay prince who can communicate with a computer in his earrings named Synergy. This magical program has the power to suddenly turn him into a badass. He uses this power to fight a really buff skeleton named Mr. Skeleton.

I hope they get all this development stuff sorted out because I'm dying to see the story done correctly on the big screen. The '80s version starring Dolph Lundgren didn't even have The Misfits in it or anything.

Source: THR
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