Ben Affleck Is Going To Be Batman For A While

He's signed a multi-picture deal.

Ben Affleck Is Going To Be Batman For A While

When it was announced that Ben Affleck would be playing Batman in Batman vs Superman a question immediately came to mind: how long will this last? Warner Bros is dealing with the fallout of Chris Nolan making a finite film series, and they're not going to want that again - especially as they build towards Justice League. So what are the parameters of Ben Affleck's deal?

The answer to that is yet unknown, but in an article analysing the behind-the-scenes moves that led to yesterday's announcement, The Hollywood Reporter does say that Affleck has signed a multiple picture deal. So that's Batman vs SupermanJustice League and then... a new Batman franchise? I'd bet good money on it, and I'd bet good money that Affleck is locked in for five to six pictures. That would be enough to get him through Batman vs SupermanJustice League and then a new trilogy at least. 

Affleck is 42 years old; he'lll be staying in great shape, which means he'll be playing this role through his 50s, an age that Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr have proven to be no barrier to matinee idol status. For Affleck having Batman movies in his schedule gives him the cash and profile to keep making the sort of smaller, Sidney Lumet-esque films nobody else is making at the studio level. It's possible he could move up to the blockbuster league - Justice League certainly beckons - but I bet he'll find shooting smaller, more character-oriented (and Oscar-oriented) movies more fulfilling when he gets out of the cowl.

So here's your Batfuture: Ben Affleck playing Batman all the way through 2025. At least. Unless, of course, it's all a disaster. 

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