How Did A Sad Doc Change The End of An Upcoming Pixar Movie?

Real world change in action.

How Did A Sad Doc Change The End of An Upcoming Pixar Movie?

Reviews have been great for Gabriela Cowperthwaite's documentary, Blackfish, a film about the mistreatment of orcas at Seaworld, but the film's greatest achievement lay with the genuine awareness it has generated on a topic few considered.

Here's proof: Today The New York Times reports that bad publicity regarding Seaworld and marine parks in general has convinced Pixar to alter their 2015 film, Finding Dory. While we still know very little about the film's story, it apparently utilized an ending which took place at a Seaworld-like marine park. Now, it's going to be more of a voluntary aquatic center, which fish and mammals can visit and leave as they please.

Changing the ending of a film isn't necessarily the same thing as changing the world, but it means something all the same. What was before a casual inclusion in a kid's movie now has negative connotations Pixar wishes to avoid thanks to Cowperthwaite's documentary. Whether the the decision for this alteration was morally or financially motivated on Pixar's part is kind of beside the point. Either way, it reflects a changed point of view, which is the highest praise one can give to a film of this kind. In a cultural landscape where ideological battle lines are so entrenched, it's heartening to see that a good point well presented can still have an effect.

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