New Batman Could Be Same Age As Average Comic Book Reader

They're looking for a guy in his 40s, rumors say.

New Batman Could Be Same Age As Average Comic Book Reader

Who will be the new Batman in Zack Snyder's Batman vs Superman? While I've heard that Warner Bros would love to get Christian Bale back, nobody's holding their breath, and the latest rumors say that the studio is looking for a new face to put under the cowl. And this time the Batman could be older than usual. 

Multiple online sources have reported that Warner Bros is eyeing guys in their 40s (and also Ryan Gosling) to play the new Batman, who would be experienced in this film and wouldn't need an origin story. The names The Hollywood Reporter are bandying about are Josh Brolin, True Blood's Joe Manganiello, The Hobbit's Richard Armitage, Pacific Rim's Max Martini, Matthew Goode and, of course, Ryan Gosling. Where's Jeffrey Dean Morgan in that list, by the way, if Snyder is going back to his Watchmen cronies?

Brolin and Manganiello both seem like great choices for the part. They're both men, and would nicely contrast with the handsome but young Henry Cavill. Batman would have a lot more gravitas than Superman in this situation. 

Is this where casting is really going? I don't see why not; when Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr are still viable franchise leaders while hitting 50 it means we're coming back to a Hollywood that like men with history and weight. Not everybody has to be a 22 year old hunk. And the Goddamn Batman feels right older, especially after the Nolan films. 

Who's your choice for the rugged, older Batman? Put it in the comments below and then yell at other people for disagreeing with you.

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