Time To Get Ready For SHARKNADO

If such a feat is even possible.

Time To Get Ready For SHARKNADO

People often say that we are living in a golden age of television. Well, very soon the SyFy channel is airing an original film in which a bunch of people are terrorized by a tornado made out of sharks. So I think they are right.

Sharknado stars Tara Reid of stomach fame and Ian Ziering, who my wife tells me used to be on Beverly Hills 90210. I thought for sure he was the Blue Ranger.

Anyway, maybe you heard a little something about the impending Sharknado and thought it was a joke. Well, it is and it isn't, as this teaser proves. Enjoy.

(BTW, SyFy is kind of goofy, so the video is tiny like a sardine. Full-screen that sucker and make it like a great white. Or if you prefer, take it from an F1 to an F5.)

Source: SyFy
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