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The Beauty Of Losing Control In This Week’s Holy Hunter Of Music Videos

New videos from Hervé, A-Trak & Tommy Trash and Thee Oh Sees. 

The Beauty Of Losing Control In This Week’s Holy Hunter Of Music Videos

Under the moniker thirtytwo, Will Lovelace and Dylan Southern directed a dismal yet captivating short film-cum-music video for Hervé’s “Lose Control.” We join Brian and Susan at the breakup nook and delve head-first into their middle-aged love triangle. Enter Steven, a silk-wrapped butterball who’s not afraid to show some skin and executioner eyes. It’s unanimous, Brian, that you’re just better, literally off.

The Ryan Staake-helmed offering for A-Trak & Tommy Trash’s latest follows (via steadicam) a hulking Rube Goldberg device through almost every room of a 19th century mansion. With kinetic devices precisely assembled by Tom Fort (aka Kinetic King), their creation is indubitably awesome. Check out their behind the scenes footage as it’s also worth a viewing.

California-based garage psyche overlords Thee Oh Sees deliver another double-whammy of spectacular track and corresponding video with their latest for “Toe Cutter - Thumb Buster.” This time John Strong is at the helm of a not-so-literal domino effect as we join a dallying serial killer on an unsuccessful, exhausting night.

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