Jim Carrey Wins This KICK-ASS 2 Red Band Trailer

Yeah, there's a dog on your balls.

I thought the first Kick-Ass was pretty fun, but aside from Nicolas Cage's performance, I never fell in love with it like some of its fans. Something about this Kick-Ass 2 trailer, however, really works for me.

I think it might have something to do with Jim Carrey, who looks just as weird in motion as he did in previously released set photos, but now has an equally weird voice to match. My Burt Wonderstone review doesn't go up until Friday, but Carrey was definitely the best part of that film and seems to be entering into a new, interesting phase in his comedy career.

I like this series less as a comedy than a hard-edged parody exercise, but I'm not certain that's how the series self identifies. That bit at the end with Jim Carrey and the dog seems unhinged enough to be both funny and unnerving. That's the tone I'm interested in. Hopefully the groan-worthy bit where Kick-Ass goes through a mini "Spider-Man no more" spat is little more than a narrative pit stop. I'm way more interested in the super team throw-down this trailer sets up than any of the heroic soul searching we've already been subjected to a gazillion times.

Everyone will find out what Kick-Ass 2 has up its sleeve when the film opens this August and kicks us in the nuts right as we're all suffering from summer tentpole fatigue.

Source: MTV