This Week’s ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Cover Is Totally Gay

We should all be so fabulous.

This Week’s ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Cover Is Totally Gay

Steven Soderbergh's Behind the Candelabra, a made for HBO film about Liberace and his romance with young lover Scott Thorson, is already a must see project. This photo basically confirms that.

This isn't the first look we've had of Michael Douglas and Matt Damon in their roles, but it's definitely the clearest, clear enough to raise questions about how their impressive de-aging was achieved, whether with CG augmentation or by more traditional makeup techniques. (If such techniques exists, though, wouldn't all famous people be using them already? Or maybe they ARE! and we don't know it. Maybe every celebrity other than Tommy Lee Jones is actually 60% more wrinkly than we thought!)

Douglas looks great, and it's going to amazing seeing him take on this role, but I'm more wowed by Matt Damon, who kind of looks like Elizabeth Banks' lesbian sister. Frankly, both are hot as shit.

I seriously can't wait for Behind the Candelabra. But it looks like I'll have to since it doesn't air until May 26. Maybe that Burt Wonderstone movie will act as a placebo in the meantime.

Source: EW Popwatch
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