Crush Enemies With Your Own Ten Foot Tall ED-209

Only $25,000 on eBay!

Crush Enemies With Your Own Ten Foot Tall ED-209

ED-209 is simply one of my favorite things. I love his non-humanoid design. I love that when he falls down he cries like a baby. And I love how overzealous he gets when it comes to pumping bullets into people. One or two would do the job. ED-209 uses 1,000 anyway.

So what I'm trying to tell you is that my birthday is on July 4th, and I think I know what I want. This ten foot tall ED-209 prop would pretty much force me to reconsider suicide were I to magically get it somehow. It's only $25,000. What price tag would YOU put on a human life?

Unfortunately, there are a couple bad points to bring up when considering this purchase. For one, it's a prop and will not actually enforce justice/kill people for you, though it may frighten would-be robbers. Two, it's a prop from RoboCop 2, not the original RoboCop. I don't know how to tell the difference, but it's a taint nonetheless.

Still, if you turn this thing down because of how much you dislike RoboCop 2, I don't think we can be pals anymore. Were it a $25,000 model of Cain, I could understand walking away. But this is ED-209. No one walks away from ED-209. Unless they take the stairs.

Source: Ebay via Kotaku
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