Is This How IRON MAN 3 Ends?

Spoilers within! Iron Man's Deep Space Armor may have revealed the next guest appearance in a Marvel movie.

Is This How IRON MAN 3 Ends?

This shit is all spoilers.

A recent toy announcement set tongues wagging; Funko's Pop! Vinyl figure for Iron Man 3, called 'Deep Space Suit,' made people think that maybe the taste of interstellar space Tony Stark got in The Avengers wasn't enough. Maybe Iron Man 3 would see Shellhead taking off for the wild black yonder, headed off to the stars.

Latino Review talked to their sources, who confirmed that Iron Man will go off into space. Not only that, he'll meet the Guardians of the Galaxy. I'm thinking this is end of the movie stuff; with the Mandarin defeated and his life reevaluated, Tony Stark looks to the stars, perhaps chasing some sort of signal. A signal that leads him right to a talking raccoon. In fact I'd bet that he only meets non-live action members of the team, since Marvel may not have cast their Star Lord in time to shoot the sequence.

Remember: Marvel shot a post-credits scene for The Avengers after the movie premiered. This sequence would probably be more complex than the shawarma scene, but it could be executed late in the game (Iron Man 3 is still shooting, believe it or not). Expect to have this information roundly denied. 

Here's the Deep Space Suit:

Source: Latino Review
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