Brad Bird Opens The 1952 Mystery Box

The director tweets a picture of the contents of the box that supposedly inspired his upcoming film with Damon Lindelof.

Brad Bird Opens The 1952 Mystery Box

Here's the marketing narrative behind the movie known only as 1952: Damon Lindelof found a box in the Disney offices marked 1952. He opened it up and within found the seeds of a story. Some have speculated that the story would be an alien contact tale - 1952 was the height of the fling saucer craze, after all. Others believed it would have something to do with Walt Disney's desire to build a magical land of artificial happiness and inflated prices.

Now Brad Bird, director of this film-to-be, has tweeted a picture of the contents of the box that started it all. And judging from that, we're in for some kind of a story about the genesis of Disneyland. Sort of the anti-Escape From Tomorrow, if you will. 

The box contains some pictures of Walt Disney, as well as a loop of Technicolor film. There's a 45 single in there, and what appears to be a copy of Amazing Stories. There's a book called Moral Research. What does this all add up to mean? I'm not sure - maybe we're going to learn that Disneyland is an alien plot to turn humans into automatons who consume plastic goods and are brainwashed by a false concept of happiness. Which would make it Escape From Tomorrow, kind of!

Do you have any insight into the contents of the Mystery Box? Weigh in below.

Source: Brad Bird
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