Predicting The Oscars With IndieWire

Devin puts on his prognosticator hat in a video roundtable.

Predicting The Oscars With IndieWire

Last week I was invited to take part in a video roundtable hosted by Dana Harris of IndieWire. The premise: guess the Oscars! This is not my area of expertise by any means, but I'll sit in front of a camera any time, so I showed up. Late, I should add, so I wasn't present for all the categories.

Dana was an excellent host. Also on the panel was Anne Thompson, whose intelligence and calm always convinced me I was wrong in every single category. My good friend Jen Yamato was to my left, and my new friend Catherine Reitman rounded out the group. I didn't know what the tone of the roundtable was, but once she said she had a boner for Bradley Cooper, I knew I'd fit right in.

Watch these videos! If you want!

Best Original Screenplay

Best Adapted Screenplay

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Director

Best Picture

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