Best Non-News Of The Week: Arnie Wants To Work With Sam Raimi

This team-up simply must happen.

Best Non-News Of The Week: Arnie Wants To Work With Sam Raimi

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been promoting The Last Stand quite heavily, and his latest stop was Reddit, where he did an AMA. One of the Anythings Me was Asked was this: 

Is there any director or actor you wanted to work with but didn’t/haven’t yet?

His initial response was pretty rote - Bay and Spielberg, the biggest filmmakers in the biz - but his third answer was Sam Raimi, which got me really excited.

Now yeah, Raimi is one of the biggest blockbuster guys around, but he's managed to maintain his sense of Sam Raimi-ness (often to the irritation of fanboys, who hate anything stylized or weird or not grim). The idea of Arnie and Sam getting together to make some sort of a spook-a-blast is giving me the vapors. I'm imagining huge, impassive Arnie getting heaps of abuse flung at him like he's an Austrian Bruce Campbell - slime, smashes, crashes, falls, gore - all administered by a be-suited, slightly smiling Raimi. 

Raimi specializes in heroes who are buffoons but who think they're hot shit - basically guys who think they're Arnie but are not. Imagine Arnie himself in one of those roles, essentially taking the piss in a major slapstick way, screaming 'AAAAAARGH' in his special incoherent Austrian cadences. 

This is obviously not really news, but for some reason I never imagined these two getting together. Now, it could be very terrible - while Arnie loves doing comedies he's never shown any real affinity for them. And Raimi's stuff works best when played totally straight, and Arnie doesn't know how to do that comedically. But if they could make something work... hell, I'd be there opening night. 

Source: Reddit
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