Aaron Paul Reveals Date For BREAKING BAD’s Final Season Premiere

Also: His sweet, sweet heart.

Aaron Paul Reveals Date For BREAKING BAD’s Final Season Premiere

Not a whole lot to say on this one. Aaron Paul tweeted the premiere date for this summer's much anticipated last season of Breaking Bad. It looked like this:

Just before tweeting this bombshell, Aaron Paul also tweeted his love for the show that made him a star, which was somewhat shockingly not The Price is Right, but Breaking Bad:

By "Me" he means Aaron Paul. What a nice fellow. I have to mirror his sentiments. The show has a special place in my heart if only for helping me discover meth after so many years of not knowing my place in the world. Breaking Bad has only grown more incredible with each season. (I'm aware some people were disappointed with the one we just got, but I thought it was perfect.) It's nice to see a show end on what will undoubtably be a very high note, but it will be sad to say goodbye all the same. Especially if Jesse dies.

Oh well, at least AMC still has Comic Book Men. The end of one era, the emergence of another.

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