TWIN PEAKS Revival Now Haunts Our Dreams

Welcome to the Black Lodge of false anticipation.

TWIN PEAKS Revival Now Haunts Our Dreams

As you probably know from my contributions to BAD's TV Timewarp, I'm not the biggest Twin Peaks fan in the world. I certainly enjoy parts of it, but find it largely grating and boring and not worth its reputation.

Despite its awful second season, the show ended on not only a cliffhanger, but a cliffhanger coming at the end of what many see as one of the show's best episodes. People hungered for more Peaks in the immediate decades since its absence but in the century since then, even diehards have likely learned to live without.

This rumor is for those people. How dare you let your pain go to rest. May you suffer another twenty years of agonizing hope. *spit*

Death and Taxes reports that David Lynch himself has had a meeting with NBC (Peaks was originally an ABC show, but that probably doesn't matter) about revamping the series. The story would take place in present time, focusing on getting Cooper out of the Black Lodge while checking in on evil Cooper who is in prison for killing or something.

Whatever cast Lynch didn't kill in the season finale will likely return, except for all the actors who have since died/gone crazy in real life. This leaves Lynch a cast of two, maybe three very hungry actors, plus Kyle MacLachlan, who will no longer have to wear old man make up in those lodge scenes.

This should be taken with all the grains of salt, by the way, but it's fun to think about. I honestly wish it would happen. Something tells me a second go at Twin Peaks would really be something worth seeing, especially since it will now have to live up to current television standards of narrative quality rather than being retroactively forgiven due to the paling quality of its peers.

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