Great Hand-Painted Indian Movie Posters

A look at some American movies, as reimagined by Indian poster painters.

Great Hand-Painted Indian Movie Posters

Let's get this out of the way: nobody's topping Polish movie posters for sheer weirdness or Nigerian movie posters for outsider art majesty. But the Asia Obscura blog has found a few gems of hand-painted Indian poster art, and I've included a few of the best American films below. 

These posters are created by an artist named Raju, just north of Bangalore, and he draws them fast. Like one every three hours. They get printed up in five colors, on thin paper, and then get illegally plastered all over the city. Locals think they're one step from vandalism, but to folks like us they're extraordinary and cool little works of art.

What I really like about the posters is that while they're fairly ghetto in style and execution, they're advertising movies in 3D and DTS. They're movie posters reimagined as gig posters, basically. They're really very cool. 

Oh, and my favorite little touch: The Amazing Spider-Man is called Spider-Man Part 4.

For more, visit Asia Obscura.

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Source: Asia Obscura
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