More Jaegers From PACIFIC RIM!

Travel the world, see exotic monster fighting robots. Jaegers from Russia, Japan and Australia!

More Jaegers From PACIFIC RIM!

In Pacific Rim many nations build Jaegers, the giant robots that fight giant monsters. The nations most involved with Jaeger construction are those who border the Pacific, the source of Kaiju incursions. 

As part of the movie's viral marketing strategy, a bunch of blueprints of different Jaegers have appeared online. Yesterday we saw Gipsy Danger, an American Jaeger. Today brings us Russia, Japan and Australia!

The bad boy at the top of the article is Striker Eureka, Australia's Jaeger. He's headquartered out of the Sydney Shatterdome. 

Here's Coyote Tango, the Japanese Jaeger:

And here's the coolest one, Cherno Alpha, the Russian Jaeger!

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