THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Gets A Funny, Spoilery Cartoon Review

We've all seen THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Now we can all argue whether this cartoon review is funny or just plain mean.

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Gets A Funny, Spoilery Cartoon Review

This past weekend The Dark Knight Rises passed one billion dollars worldwide. It's a major success, financially. But what about artistically? I touched on this in my summer movie wrap-up piece, but the more I think about the film the more I think it's just bad. And I've been seeing a lot of other people out there reflecting similar feelings. I'm truly curious what we're all going to think about the film once it hits Blu - will it improve at home, or will more people come to think of it as the very, very least of the trilogy?

Artist Tokyo Sexwhale (not his real name) does lots of movie-related art, and you might have seen him in the pages of Empire. He reviewed The Dark Knight Rises in comic form, and I found it to be very funny. Some highlights:

Read the whole thing right here.

See Tokyo Sexwhale's other art here. 

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