A Box Of Mysterious ALCATRAZ Stuff Shows Up At Badass HQ

A dirty metal box filled with Ford advertising and clues about the new JJ Abrams TV show came to my door today. Look inside.

A Box Of Mysterious ALCATRAZ Stuff Shows Up At Badass HQ

This morning the Fed Ex man brought me a big, heavy package. Inside was a dirty, distressed metal box. And inside that metal box was a bunch of stuff relating to Fox's Alcatraz. And also the Ford Mustang. It seems that Ford's sponsoring the living hell out of this show. 

Here's the box:

I couldn't find any identifying code or anything. And here it is opened:

You can see the Mustang ad! You can also see the Alcatraz guidebook, which has no extraneous marks or anything that indicate it's got clues to a viral campaign.

And here's what was inside:

Guidebook, a flower, a big old key with "Alcatraz" stamped on it, and a page from a magazine. The flip side is a 2013 Mustang ad, this side is a review and ad for Dr. Diego Sota's Inmates of Alcatraz. Close-ups of these items in the gallery below.

And the final items - a newspaper clipping about the closing of Alcatraz, two post cards and mug shots of Alcatraz prisoners/TV stars. For close-ups go to the gallery.

I couldn't find much 'viral' here. The review has letters circled, and they spell out Legends of Alcatraz... which when you type it into a browser just brings you to the Alcatraz TV site. If you have any sharp eyed deductions, share em in the comments.

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