Drafthouse Films Acquires CLOWN And BULLHEAD!

Drafthouse Films will be releasing the Oscar-eligible Belgian crime drama and the outrage-eligible Danish comedy.

Drafthouse Films Acquires CLOWN And BULLHEAD!
My friends and colleagues at Drafthouse Films are continuing their winning acquisition streak, picking up two more excellent movies: Bullhead and Clown.

I saw both films at festivals this year and you can read my Bullhead review here and my Clown review here.

Bullhead sees Drafthouse Films getting into the awards game a little bit, as it's the official Oscar candidate for Belgium. And Clown sees Drafthouse Films continuing in the smart comedy game, following the successful release of the brilliant Four Lions.

But that's not all! Drafthouse Films is entering a distribution deal with Image Entertainment, which will give Drafthouse Films much more reach in the independent release world. And they've brought on James Shapiro as the new Chief Operating Officer; James was previously at Anchor Bay, where he oversaw releases like Paul Solet's Grace and The Walking Dead on home video.

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