Will Ben Affleck STAND Down To Make A Whitey Bulger Movie With Matt Damon?

The Bahstan boys will take on their hometown gangster.

Will Ben Affleck STAND Down To Make A Whitey Bulger Movie With Matt Damon?
Matt Damon and Ben Affleck reuniting? It sounds great! But at the expense of The Stand...?

Damon tells GQ that he will star and Affleck will direct a movie about recently captured Boston Irish mobster Whitey Bulger. Terence Winter is writing. This is one of a slew of Bulger movies moving forward, including one from Graham King, who produced Damon in The Departed, a movie where Nicholson riffed on Bulger.

Affleck is currently directing Argo and apparently Warner Bros wants him for The Stand. This Bulger film is set up at Warner Bros, so that means he could do both, but in what order? If the other Bulger movies move forward, Affleck and Damon will be left in the dust. Meanwhile, Damon has signed up for his directorial debut, a movie he co-wrote with The Office's John Krasinski. Everybody in Hollywood is such a buddy.

The Damon/Affleck Bulger film is so prenatal that Damon doesn't even know what it'll be about. If it's a straight biopic, we'll do it over a period of time. But it's always a question of what part of the story do you tell, and biopics are always a little cumbersome," Damon tells GQ. "So do we find another way in? We're still figuring it out."

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