Show Your Magnited Stated of America Pride With This T-Shirt

Show your allegiance to the Magnited States of America, where you can do whatever you want, by wearing this shirt.

Show Your Magnited Stated of America Pride With This T-Shirt

Hi everybody! I’m in London England and have been off the grid for the last two days, and while I’ve been away the Alamo Drafthouse has kind of exploded on the national consciousness, culminating in a segment on Anderson Cooper’s show on CNN last night. Anderson actually nominated Alamo founder and CEO Tim League for a Nobel Peace Prize. The reason? The Alamo kicked out a girl who was texting.

Like any big viral sensation, this story has taken on a life of its own, spreading around the web in a big way. The latest aspect of it: t-shirts! Someone has purchased and is selling t-shirts and sweatshirts with that logo on them. They’re actually pretty cool, and apparently the proceeds are being donated to an Austin educational charity.

Click here to check out the shirts. While you’re doing that I’ll be flying back to LA, and this site will rev right back up with more news and commentary and stuff. Thanks for your patience while I was gone!

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