New Zealand’s Hell Pizza Pisses Off Priests

The man behind a willfully offensive advertising campaign acts shocked when people are offended.

New Zealand’s Hell Pizza Pisses Off Priests

“First of all, we’re acknowledging that Jesus Christ may have been on Earth for a limited time.

“We may bring them back next year, and everyone’s saying that Jesus Christ is coming back one day.

“Again, it’s a debate. I think if people take it that way then they’re being a little bit single-minded.”

I find rebuttals like that hilarious because they’re so much more cowardly than the original ad campaign. We’re supposed to believe that Powell didn’t think people could be offended by it? I’m actually offended that he doesn’t have the balls to stand behind his own campaign, complete with the obvious intention to stir up some shit. I think the campaign is okay, in a juvenile way, but it would be better if Powell manned up.

New Zealand Herald, via Copyranter


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