Edgar Wright Has A Gun Fetish

Edgar Wright dug an old VHS mash up out of his archives. Watch the director’s ode to gunplay in movies, circa the early 90s.

Edgar Wright Has A Gun Fetish

Enjoy Gun Fetish. Can you name all the movies?

And a bit of context from Mr. Wright himself:


Now a couple of things. Before any of you comment “Where’s —– or ——”, bear in mind that the 19 year old me had a limited supply of tapes at the time. Most of these are one I copied off the telly.

I haven’t, as is customary, included a list of the clips, as I thought you guys could guess them all. First one to guess them all in order, including close ups, I will send a little prize.

Apologies to any rights holders, I was young I didn’t know what I was doing. Please don’t arrest me.
And finally. I have another one, if you’d like to see…

For the rest of his blog entry on the subject matter, please go here!

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