Riddle Me This: Who Could Tom Hardy Play in BATMAN 3?

Everybody’s favorite prison bruiser-turned-dream specialist goes to Gotham City, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Riddle Me This: Who Could Tom Hardy Play in BATMAN 3?

Fear not! Christopher Nolan, who vaulted Hardy to the next level this summer with Inception, has hired the actor to play an unspecified lead role in Batman 3. Everybody’s doing the speculation game - could he be a bad guy? Could he be The Riddler?

Me, I’d like to see him play Nightwing. Let’s get Christian Bale back in his Velvet Goldmine vibe and strike a real blow for gay rights by featuring Batman and Nightwing sharing a tender moment of love.

Whatever the role, I’m excited for him. And let’s hope that he doesn’t take the lead from Heath Ledger…

Tom Hardy Reunited With ‘Inception’ Helmer Chris Nolan On ‘Batman’ – Deadline.com.

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